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Your idea, our technology

You’ve got an idea for a mapping service that you want to deploy to your customers or the general public. You want to get out there and learn fast or you have a thirst for the gathering of some new data. Equally you know how time consuming and expensive it can be to do this in-house with staff who may not have the requisite skills, availability or experience.

What are you waiting for, you need us now! Using our platform we can turn your idea into reality fast.

We love design and prototyping


We've got shedloads of experience in making map based web/mobile platforms and have done it loads of times, quickly, for a wide range of organisations.

We’ll guide you through the process of frameworking your service and ensure that you don’t fall foul of common pitfalls such as:-

  • base mapping licensing and display
  • data gathering, geocoding, storage and access
  • authentication, registration and user management
  • content management, moderation and dashboarding
  • api integration
  • support and scaling

We prototype your idea quickly and using our platform, skills and a lot of coffee will have something up and running in no time.

We've got lots of bits and pieces ready-made

It may be that you have most of the resource or capability in-house but are missing a single piece to complete the jigsaw. We can help you finish and deploy your service using either existing capability or building you a something to suit your particular needs.


If you're in need of any of these, just shout:-

  • geospatial feature creation, editing, storage and export
  • location and geospatial data searching APIs
  • opendata import, presentation, conflation and export
  • location based alerts and email management
  • routing and route optimisation
  • web map layer design, rendering and hosting
  • vector and raster tile creation and hosting
  • embedded page/map creation and hosting

We're ace at developing APIs and have done this for a number of local authorities. Can't find what you want off the shelf? Give us a shout and we'll see what we can do.

Building the whole thing - quickly!

Whilst we love helping where we can, building the whole picture is what sets our hearts racing. Our team has all of the skills to create a rich mapping based experience that your users will just love. We care about accessibility ensuring that your service is not degraded for the disabled or those using mobile devices.


Our work has always been focused on building easy to use web applications that provide rich functionality on top of digital maps. As a result we invested in several years of research and development (and coffee) to create our own javascript framework designed specifically for the delivery of web based mapping services.

It does lots of clever stuff via some code Richard calls Moho, here's a few of the highlights:-

  • displaying map layers (we're dead good at Ordnance Survey mapping but play with Openstreetmap as well)
  • styling and displaying things upon the map
  • funky map controls and selection menus
  • getting things working properly on mobile devices
  • connecting to other APIs for sending email and even processing language
  • controlling user authentication and access control so none of the bad guys get in

Using this framework we have delivered a vast range of web based services.

Here's a few we prepared earlier

So do you have a great idea? Let's talk about it.

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