Boundary Optimisation - Killing the Paper Trail

Effective completion of a boundary review

You have a map, it has districts or boundaries, they may be voting wards, sales territories or school catchment areas You need to review or consolidate these boundaries but any change has impact and this needs to be discussed and agreed with stakeholders. As even the slightest change could affect several underlying metrics such as voter counts or sales prospects.

These stakeholders need to be brought into the process but the difficulty is compounded when they have no GI experience or expertise. Often a large paper trail is created consisting of scribbled upon maps and hasty catchment calculations. Opposing views are difficult to resolve in this environment and productivity takes a dive.

We can help you

Our boundary tool allows you to manage a wide range of editing scenarios. From local authority ward reviews to impact analysis on sales territories. It’s designed to be used by anyone within your organisation regardless of IT literacy, no knowledge of GIS is required.

We helped these guys

The boundary tool was developed in partnership with Reigate and Banstead Local Authority. We helped them review their ward boundaries in conjunction with local councillors. The whole exercise was completed within weeks.

We are working exclusively with Civica Xpress to deliver this product. For more details contact them directly

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