Marketeers - Is this you?

by Dave Barter on

Is this you?

You love product marketing and are bursting with ideas.

You’re looking for a company that doesn’t care about your experience but values enthusiasm and drive above all else.

You’re not keen on management structures and would rather work where all are treated and paid as equals.

You’re willing to roll up your sleeves and work with whatever resources are to hand. You’d be happy to help us in all aspects of our growth journey.

You’re prepared to help kick a bunch of techies into shape and help them take their digital mapping platform to the next level. Hi! we're Nautoguide

You’re located somewhere near Swindon or prepared to work there a few days a week if necessary.

If this is you then we’d like to talk to you. We have no interest in CVs[1]

A quick chat will get things started and we can take it from there. Drop our CEO Dave a line on with a quick paragraph about you and we’ll arrange a call.

  1. this one is not for agencies, so "thanks" but you'll only wind us up ↩︎

Marketeers - Is this you?

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