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Development expertise on tap, we know our GIS

There are many and varied consultancies out there who can help you get to grips with specific technologies. We’re a bit different. We develop and operate services as well as advising others and as a result have real world experience of designing, developing, operating and supporting cloud based services with an element of GIS.

As our company has evolved we’ve got to grips with a wide range of technologies, from the PostgreSQL database to Amazon Lambda microservices. We’ve carried out extensive R&D into accessible map controls, vector tile rendering and address search/geocoding algorithms. We’ve built proximity alert functions, created postcode level data insights and pushed the boundaries of JSON processing within the database.


In short we know our onions. And we’re also more than happy to share our knowledge with others and help them build services as rich as our own. Here’s a list of things we can help you with:-

  • Scope, plan and implement PostgreSQL in the cloud
  • Setup replication and disaster recovery
  • Understand Amazon RDS benefits and limitations
  • Develop PL/PGSQL PLV8 or other PostgreSQL functions
  • Create spatial queries and services using PostGIS
  • Understand and implement JSON/JSONB in PostgreSQL
  • Create REST APIs into PostgreSQL services
  • Build NodeJS front end to PostgreSQL
  • Integrate AWS LAMBDA with PostgreSQL

So do you have a great idea? Let's talk about it.

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