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Gain new insights with the map as a canvas

We know that there's a huge amount of data, opinion and good ideas locked inide the heads of our communities. Getting it from them can be hard especially when it relates to location. Do any of these sound familiar?

- your consultations aren't reaching a wide enough audience

- your consultations are currently paper based

- you need the GIS team to create a map for you

- you want to crowdsource location based data

- you want your customers to feel engaged and involved

- you're interested ideas that your community may have

If so, we’re here to help, with a wealth of experience and a great bit of technology, our Geovey platform. We made Geovey because we believe in public engagement and wanted it to be easy. It's easy to display information on a map and easy for the public to interact with it. We’ve thought through the thorny issues of moderation and user management and we’ve plugged it into the leading social networks. And of course Geovey works brilliantly with mobile devices and computer screens alike.


Geovey is ready and waiting to gather the data or opinion you require. It's simple to customise and lovely to look at. You can try it for free if you like by taking a wander over to and setting up your own microsite.

Sounds great! I'm in. What can I look forward to?

Well, most importantly you get us. We’re here to help you design and integrate your engagement microsite. We’ll host the whole thing for you and brand it however you so wish. We’ll also help you construct a flow through the site that fits your specific needs. No restrictions, if you want something different, we're all ears. We’ll publish it for you and help you bring eyes to the site. We’re full of ideas and have a number of friends that can advise on PR if you require.


If you want it we've got an administration backend that gives you control over your consultations. You can create, publish, update and remove consultations as you see fit. You can also add moderate content added by the public including taking advantage of our “abuse checker” component that scans every message posted and flags any obscene or defamatory text (it took us weeks of working with IE11 to gather all of those swear words).

Brilliant, anything else?

We can connect your system to Slack and provide real time alerts against consultation events. For example; a quick "ping" every time a new comment is published keeping you up to date with what is going on.

When the consultation is finished, we’ll export data into whatever format you require. Geovey comes with a number of reports and a real-time dashboard out of the box. But if you need something specific just shout and we’ll build it quickly for you.

Has this got you thinking about how we could help you engage better with your community? Do you now have a great idea that just needs a little nudge to get it off the ground?

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