• A truly dark map for Halloween

    We like maps that engage, inform and also add something to a dialogue. We've said time and time again that maps are for much more than directions. Halloween maps are without doubt engaging so it's great that we have a festival that helps drive and celebrate them.

  • Matching the Miles - A Challenge Map

    How can we use maps to encourage others to exercise and lead a healthier lifestyle? The Match the Miles map attempts to answer this very question.

  • Need Data? Why not ask the crowd?

    Crowdsourcing is now common practise and a great way to discover new data and insights about locations. It's not as hard as you think to set up, read on and we will tell you how.

  • Opensourcing ourselves

    Charity Penny Brohn have teamed up with digital mapping company, Nautoguide to develop an interactive journey around the gardens of their National Centre in Bristol.

  • Do you live in the most "Christmassy" county?

    Who lives in the most Christmassy county? A few quick flicks of our SQL wand and a bit of mapping is all you need to find out.

  • Event alerting - A holistic approach

    Geospatial alerting is currently very fragmented and focused upon specific vertical applications. We've worked with Windsor and Maidenhead Borough Council to make it more generic and appealing

  • Dark Side Port Side

    Dark Side Port Side is the genesis of a new digital poetry trail celebrating the darker history of Portsea. Nautoguide worked with Big Adventures to create a unique mapping portal to deliver it.

  • Making the four day week a reality

    The "Four Day Week", a headline grabbing aspiration put out by the T.U.C or a reality? Is it really possible to operate a company on a four day week and remain productive and competitive?

  • Painting history upon a digital canvas

    Imagine life as a historian in a world that demands the public purse focuses intimately upon economic growth. How do you justify your research when all you’re doing is looking backwards? How can this work be used to feed back into the public purse?

  • OS Zoomstack - A mini adventure

    Ordnance Survey recently released OS Zoomstack a new mapping dataset that is currently available to anyone on a trial basis. Zoomstack presents map data as vector tiles. We've been playing with it a lot. Find out how we got on.

  • The "adventurers protocol" a path to compressed delivery

    How do you achieve a compressed delivery in an imperfect world? We do this all the time within Nautoguide using something we call the "adventure protocol". It's based on five key principles we apply to such projects. But first we must find some special people.

  • PostgreSQL - A Thank you from Nautoguide

    PostgreSQL is stuffed full of brilliant stuff that we regularly use in Nautoguide. This article gives you an insight into a few of its most powerful features when facing the web.

  • G-Cloud - A pigeon sat on a branch

    I firmly believe a G-Cloud search should become a standard/mandatory part of public sector purchasing. Tenders cost us all, both buyer and supplier and G-Cloud was conceived to remove a lot of that cost.

  • Redistricting for Dummies

    Redistricting is a complex process that involves many dispart variable. Learn how we worked with Reigate and Banstead Borough Council to create a service that makes the process simple

  • Who lives the furthest from the sea?

    As a young lad I lived in Padstow and went to school a stone's throw from the sea. I'm sure that you can imagine that these were fun filled formative days with evenings spent exploring

  • Fixing planning - The pub methodology

    Conversations are brilliant. Sometimes pointless, sometimes heated, sometimes downright surreal but so many of them have lead to fantastic outcomes. Add conversations to your plans and they will often be improved. Bright ideas evolve or snags are uncovered.

  • People not boxes - a rediscovery

    I've been following the development of machine-learning avidly and it's tempting to assume that the robots are going to take over the world. However, like "The War of the Worlds" there's a fly in the ointment that will kill their domination stone dead.

  • Marketeers - Is this you?

    Is this you? You love product marketing and are bursting with ideas. You’re looking for a company that doesn’t care about your experience but values enthusiasm and drive above all else. You’re

  • The Temporal Map

    Temporal maps change over time. Vector tiles provide an enabling technology to make them happen. Nautoguide tell you how they did it.

  • Three *Unique* Climbs — A Friday GIS Challenge

    Andy Williams is our main man and I share a common love of cycling with him. As a result I follow @andy_tyfelin on twitter to see what he is up to. Last week he tweeted me off the sofa with this challenge

  • Converting Mapfiles to Greyscale

    We use Mapserver a lot within Nautoguide and I’ve spent a significant amount of time building map files to create our base mapping. Some of these are quite complex as they traverse multiple data sets and sources, including shapefiles and PostgreSQL connections.

  • Postcodes and personalised number plates

    I walk to work every day and pass lines of traffic with bored drivers staring vacantly into the distance. Many of these commuters have invested in personalised number plates for their cars to help enhance

  • Sorting out Swindon — In a day?

    Every month at Nautoguide we put aside a day to carry out some research and development, challenging ourselves to push our product set forward as a result. Last month we signed up to become a partner of Cadcorp with a view to integrating our web based offerings with their SIS/GeognoSIS product set

  • Predicting the planning process

    I spent many years working in the financial and marketing data industry and during my time there learnt a thing or two about profiling. I'm sure that it's news to nobody that a huge variety

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